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COVID-19 Health and Safety

Protecting the health and safety of all attendees remains our top priority. As a result, CRF will implement strict public health measures to create a safe experience for all. A list of the current safety protocols is outlined below.

Your Guide to a Healthy On-Site Experience (Policies are subject to change)

Timing is Everything — When planning your arrival at meeting events, please account for the extra time it takes to fulfill CRF’s daily health and safety measures included in this list.

Full Vaccination

All on-site participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. You are fully vaccinated if:
1) You have completed the recommended dosing schedule (or this one) for the type of COVID-19 vaccine you received, and
2) On your first day present at the meeting, at least two weeks have passed since your final dose.

Mandatory Masks

Regardless of city or venue mandate, you must wear a mask while in the meeting space and in public areas of the hotel. Your mask must fit securely over your nose and mouth. You can remove your mask only while consuming food or beverages while seated. You must reposition your mask over your nose and mouth after you finish your food and drink.

Daily COVID-19 Attestation and Daily Sticker

The daily attestation will be available on the CRF Events App (you will receive daily push notifications) or you can access the attestation here.

You will receive a one-day, color-coded sticker each morning, subject to your answers on the COVID-19 attestation. Please place your daily sticker on a front corner of your registration badge, to be displayed while you are in any meeting space.

Social Distancing

It is important to keep a safe distance between yourself and others while walking, standing, and sitting in the meeting space. CRF will design distancing seating layouts to keep you as safe as possible.

No Handshaking

Consistent with social distancing and hand hygiene protocols, please refrain from shaking hands.

No Standing in Session Rooms

Please sit in a chair inside meeting rooms. Standing while watching a session is not permitted.

Food and Beverage Procedures

1) Sitting: While consuming food and beverages, you must be seated in a chair while keeping a safe distance on all sides from other people. This requirement applies to meal and snack breaks, as well as evening networking receptions.
2) Mask: You can remove your mask while eating or drinking, but you must reposition it over your nose and mouth as soon as you are done.
3) Sanitizing: Please use a sanitizer station or a washroom before eating.

Cleaning High-Touch Points

All common areas and session rooms will be cleaned — before the start of the day, at session breaks, and at the end of the day — with top-grade disinfectant cleaning products proven to kill viruses like COVID-19. Cleaners will pay heightened attention to common touch points, such as doorknobs, tables, chairs, stage railings, bathrooms, etc.

Sanitizing Stations

Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the hotels and meeting space.

More Information

For additional information and updates on COVID-19:

If you need to take a COVID-19 test to travel back to your home state or country, please find relevant information here:

COVID-19 Testing available at Orlando International Airport

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